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Thank you so much for supporting my campaign. As a father, teacher, and third-generation Camas graduate, you can be assured that I will continue to work everyday on behalf of the students, families, and professional educators in Camas to ensure that each child is seen and served. I will help to unite traditional Camas values and experiences that have made us so great with innovative and modern twenty-first century skills and knowledge to position each Camas student for success in their chosen pathway after graduation. I greatly appreciate your endorsement.

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I had the privilege of working with Corey in my previous role as superintendent. Corey cares deeply about this community and is committed to doing the work necessary to represent stakeholders. He understands challenges and sees opportunities for the district to continue to grow in the way it serves students and families. I always appreciated the thoughtful questions Corey would raise and the push he would give us as staff to engage our community more and creatively develop solutions. Corey was always available for students, staff, and the community. His leadership inspires me and exemplifies service. — Jeff Snell
Former Camas Schools Superintendent

I am happy to endorse Corey McEnry for re-election to the Camas School Board. Corey is a third generation graduate of Camas High School and has a child attending Camas schools, too. He is also an inspiring and engaging educator. Corey has been a dedicated and excellent school board member during very challenging times. Please join me in voting for Corey McEnry for Camas School Board.

— Nan Henricksen
Camas Mayor 1983-92, named Camas Political Leader of the Century in 2006

Being a third generation Camas resident, Camas High School graduate, as well as an educator for 13 years, Corey brings an invaluable perspective to the board.  Corey actively listens, clearly communicates, and is able to collaborate well with other board members.  He has a deep passion and interest in continuing the award-winning education that Camas School District is known for.  Corey digs deep into the work and is committed to our students, families and community. 

Vote to Re-Elect Corey McEnry! 

— Tracey Malone
Camas School Board President

Re-elect Corey McEnry to Camas School Board! Corey understands education and the needs of students, teachers and parents. He is intelligent, quick to grasp multifaceted matters and render an informed decision. He is a natural leader, who is thoughtful and dedicated to creating exceptional educational experiences and outcomes for students. Corey is a caring advocate for our children and worthy of your vote. — Doug Quinn
Camas School Board Director

Re-Elect Corey McEnry! Corey is a voice of reason in a turbulent world. He serves with compassion, intelligence and reason. He understands the complexity of school funding and is a wise and responsible steward of taxpayer funds. Corey is a product of Camas schools and our commitment to high expectations for student learning, a parent, an educator, and an engaged community member. He brings a multifaceted perspective to the board and is driven by his commitment to give back to our community and advocate for student success. Corey is the best candidate for job, by far. Vote for Corey McEnry! — Connie Hennessey
Camas School Board Director

Corey's passion for public education and his experience as a high school educator is the right combination to serve our Camas students, families, and educators as a school board director. His commitment to the students and families of Camas is evident through his volunteerism on several district committees and his openness and availability to community members. Corey values all perspectives, asks the right questions, and works tirelessly on behalf of accessibility for student achievement. Re-Elect Corey McEnry to continue leading our district with empathy, conviction, and responsible stewardship. — Erika Cox
Camas School Board Director

I wholeheartedly endorse Corey McEnry for re-election to the Camas School Board. Corey is a lifetime resident and 3rd generation Camas High School graduate, a parent of a child in the Camas School District and an educator in the Hockinson School District. Corey has proven his ability to meet the challenges of the 21st century in education through informed reasoning in the Board’s planning and decision making. Resourceful planning and utilization of tax dollars in his first term of service on the Camas School Board have shown him to be fiscally responsible in providing a curriculum that speaks to every level of student achievement. With Corey’s leadership and passion as a school board member, the Camas School District is ranked #7 in the ”2021 Best School Districts in the State of Washington”. His experience and vision as a board member will maintain and improve that standing.    — Marcia Johnson
Former Camas School Board Member (2000-2006)

As a former Camas School Board Director, Camas High School graduate, and one of Corey's close family members, I am in the unique position of offering an endorsement based upon the requirements and challenges of the office, our community standards, and the person himself. Corey understands his responsibility is to provide each individual student in the district the opportunity to have success in learning within the confines of the law and consistent with our high community standards. He has lived this as a Camas High School graduate and sitting board member. While these experiences are invaluable, being an educator with a wife and child involved in Camas schools gives him a strong insightful base from which to carry out his duties. Corey is a fine person, husband, father, educator, and school board member. I give him my highest endorsement.   — John Hagensen
Clark County District Court Judge (Ret.)

Corey's dedication to the Camas community and Camas School District is undeniable. As a lifelong resident with perspective as both a parent and teacher, he brings fresh perspective to his board work. He demonstrates a clear interest in getting to know the specific needs of his fellow community members. He is an active participant in community engagement opportunities, including community forums and committees, to ensure student voices are centered in district policies and programs. Corey brings extensive knowledge of schools and the public education system to the board room and he is not afraid to ask hard questions to ensure the entire board has the information they need to make informed decisions. I am thrilled to have Corey on the board and I endorse his campaign to retain his position.

— Amy Campbell
Camas Special Education Teacher and 2020 WA State Teacher of the Year

Camas is known for its incredible public schools, and volunteers like Corey McEnry have been instrumental in this success. Corey is as passionate about education as he is about his hometown of Camas, and his knowledge and experience as both an educator and school board member are exactly what Camas needs during these challenging times.  — Joe Walsh
Camas Parent and Planning Commissioner

We fully support Corey’s re-election to Camas School Board. Don’t be fooled! Corey is the real deal: level headed, dedicated to the interest of educating all students; he’s proven to be ethical and moral in his leadership decisions; an outstanding individual who will serve Camas well during these difficult times.

— Christina Macaya
retired Camas educator

Watching Corey grow up in our community has been a pleasure! I’ve known him since he was in middle school and have been close friends of his family. He has always been a driven individual knowing that education was his career choice. His students have the utmost respect for because of his compassion and caring for them. His integrity is remarkable! Corey McEnry is the best candidate for this position. Please re-elect him; he sees and serves ALL students.   — Mary Weishaar
Camas Community Educator Director and Camas Resident

As a third-generation Camasonian raising the fourth generation in the Camas School District, I am proud to endorse Corey McEnry in his bid for re-election. Corey has worked and will continue to work to ensure that all children in Camas have the opportunities to succeed in school. He has led Camas School District through unprecedented times and has made data-backed informed decisions to navigate an ever-changing school environment. I am confident that Corey will help lead the Camas School District in an upward trajectory, and continue to strive for academic excellence in the State of Washington. Thank you for your service Corey!  — Grant Gilson
Camas Parent and Camas Educational Foundation President

Having known Corey since high school, I know that Corey truly believes in high-quality education for all. He is a compassionate educator that has the best interests of his students, and the students of Camas in mind when making decisions. He has a deep understanding of what is needed in a school system to ensure that all children receive resources to ensure they succeed. We need leaders like Corey to continue their work in an ever-changing environment to ensure consistency and transparency. I am happy to endorse Corey, a committed Camas School Board member, a life-long Camas Citizen, and a devoted educator. — Ann Gilson
Camas Parent

It's hard to imagine a candidate more deeply rooted in Camas than Corey McEnry. As an educator himself, I have no doubt that Corey brings to the Camas School Board invaluable insights and a deep passion for our community, our children, and our staff. We are extremely fortunate for his involvement in our district. I hope you join me in voting for Corey McEnry! — Alicia Brazington
Camas Parent

Corey has time and time again advocated for students and staff of Camas School District. As a teacher, father, and community member— he truly understands the importance of listening to all and being available to all patrons. He has added a level of two-way communication not seen before. He is not a rubber-stamp and he is not afraid to ask hard questions. Corey is the best choice for our school board! — Shelley Houle
Camas Educator

Corey will work hard for our children and their families, as well as all the workers that make our public schools safe, efficient and loving for our children. Workers such as bus drivers, educators, para educators, school psychologists, lunch staff, office staff, janitorial, maintenance and so many more. Thank you Corey for looking out for all of us! — Shannon Myers
President, Southwest Washington Central Labor Council

Corey is a seasoned board member who knows how to navigate the vast and comprehensive work required of the Camas School Board. Much is expected of our board members and Corey knows how to get the job done efficiently with thoughtfulness and careful consideration for the community as a whole. Thank you Corey for your past service and for your future service. Camas Schools need and appreciate you! — Tammy Herdener
Camas Parent

We are lucky to have Corey's wise and caring contributions to Camas's schools. He is a longtime Camas resident who is steadfast, enthusiastic, smart, and an independent thinker. We need his continuity on our school board, and I support him 100%. Please vote for the right choice. — Patricia Barnard
Former president, Friends and Foundation of the Camas Library

We are retired patrons of the Camas School District and want to see continued excellence and progress in education. The path to sustained excellence is to elect school board members who are aware, respectful, and well read on the issues & challenges facing the district. Corey has our hearty endorsement to continue advocating for every Camas student. — Michelle and Bill Seekins
Camas Residents

I am writing to express my support of Corey McEnry and Erika Cox for reelection to the Camas School Board. I have three children currently in Camas schools and have been very impressed with their education and the environment being fostered in their schools. Even in 2020 my kids were supported and engaged during distance learning and the transition back to in-person learning was handled safely, so we felt comfortable instead of fearful sending our kids back to in-person learning. I trust that Corey and Erika will continue to lead our district in an innovative and inclusive manner. — Danacia Jones
Camas Parent

I urge voters to reelect Erika Cox and Corey McEnry for the Camas school board. It has never been more important to have solid, experienced leaders guiding Camas schools. In my 18 years as a special educator in Clark County, I’ve never seen a more challenging time for our students and families. Over the past year, Corey and Erika worked tirelessly to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for Camas students. They listened to health experts to keep students safe while maximizing in-person learning. Vote for Corey McEnry and Erika Cox for Camas schools. — Geni Donaghey
Camas Resident and Clark County Educator

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